Organization, Change & Leadership


We take a holistic approach to organizations, from the elements of organization design to the elements that influence its success. Our capabilities examines the underlying factors that together define an organization’s “personality” and help explain its performance.

We assist clients in responding to competition by restructuring their organizations and improve cost performance. We help them cut costs for growth, ensuring resources are placed in areas that will differentiate their performance. This involves redesigning business processes end-to-end.

Propheci designs new operating models, based on market economics and customized to deliver against shareholder expectations, customer needs, and the enterprise.

Tailored to meet a company’s particular situation, a new operating model typically includes all of the following elements:

  • Mechanisms for allocating resources
  • Framework that identifies individuals to work toward strategic objectives
  • Business units formed around distinct value propositions
  • Overhead optimization based on models to serve internal clients
  • Strategically focused corporate offices
  • Partnerships with providers to leverage scale and increase efficency
  • Defining the requirements of the new operating model to make fundamental change happen